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Eligibility Criteria
The eligibility criterion, for dependent for applying to Army Welfare Placement Organization is as under :-
  • Legitimate born child whether son max 25 years of age or daughter max 35 years of age, of serving/ retired Army personnel.
  • Legitimate born child of serving/ retired Territorial Army/ DSC personnel.
  • Spouse of the serving/ retired Army personnel.
  • Spouse of the serving/ retired Territorial Army/ DSC personnel.
The wards of the serving/ ex-armymen who are within the age of 18 to 24 yrs will be eligible

Documents to be submitted for Registration
    (a) AWPO registration form with photograph                                               - Two copies
    (b) Bio-data/CV with photographs                                                                 - Two copies
    (c) Soft copy of CV on CD                                                                                - One copy
    (d) Registration Fee                                                                            - Nil (for only those dependents whose father /mother are                                                                                                                                 already registered with AWPO Otherwise Rs.300/-)
    (e) Copy of Family pension Order/ Discharge book (duly attested)      - One copy
          (in case of dependent of retirees)
    (f) Certificate on AWPO Registration Form duly Countersigned by OC/ CO UNIT
          (in case of dependent of serving personal)

How to Register
Registering on the site is a 3 step process, viz
    (a) Creating an User ID,
    (b) Filling up of relevant AWPO Registration Form
    (c) Providing payment details.

Step 1- Creating an User ID
  1. This is the initial step where you are required to fill up a single page form.
  2. On successful filling up of the form, you will get a User-id and Password, with which you can login to the site and complete the 2 nd and 3 rd steps.
Step 2 -Registration with AWPO ( Fillng up of AWPO Registration Form )
  1. After you have successfully created the User ID, you are required to select the relevant category, viz Officer, JCO, OR, Widows / Widow Ward or Dependent from the options given at the end of SELECT CATEGORY page.
  2. Depending on the category chosen, the AWPO Registration Form, relevant to the category would be displayed.
  3. Fill up the fields in the AWPO Registration Form. Filling up of mandatory fields (displayed with an *) is essential.
  4. After you have filled up the AWPO Registration Form, you have the option to also submit your resume. Having One Resume, apart from AWPO Registration Form, on the site is mandatory for Officers/ Dependents, but this is an optional facility for JCOs/ ORs/ Widows. All candidates have an option to upload their picture (Photograph) in JPG or GIF format and the ideal width & height must be 3.5 X 5 inches (Postcard Size) in 72 dpi. along with their Resume.
Step 3 - Registration Fee
    1.   Registration of Dependent with AWPO is Free of cost (for only those dependents whose father /mother are already registered         with AWPO) otherwise Rs 300/-.

    2.   Click on the relevant category to download AWPO Registration Form and to know about the documents that should be submitted           for Registration

       - DEPENDENT (JCO)
       - DEPENDENT (OR)

After the particulars are submitted on the site, a Temporary Registration Number would be displayed on the screen. Please clearly write the Temporary Number on Registration Form. Please also mention the Temporary Number in all correspondence pertaining to your queries about your registration status. After your registration has been cleared you would be allotted a permanent AWPO No. Which may please be used as a reference thereafter.
The documents along with the Bank Draft should be sent to-
Army Welfare Placement Organisation® 
Adjutant Generals Branch / CW Directorate
Directorate of Indian Army Veterans
Integrated Headquarters of MoD(Army)
Building No-67,Maude Lines
Cavalry Road, Delhi Cantt-110010
Telephone No: 011- 25671552, 25675385
Telefax No: 25671549
Mobile: 8586932527, 8588818489
Toll Free: 1800-11-9922
Website:  www.exarmynaukri.com
E-mail:  apajobs01@yahoo.co.in

You are now ready to proceed further. Please choose any of the following options to proceed.

Note : If you are already registered with AWPO and like to activate your account on this site, please create User ID and fill up the REGISTRATION ACTIVATION FORM in the Succeeding page.

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