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Procedure for Registration

Step 1 -Registration with AWPO ( Fillng up of AWPO Registration Form )

  1. This is the initial step where , you are required to select the relevant category, viz Officer, JCO , OR or Widows / Widow Ward(Officer's Widow / Widow Ward, JCO's Widow / Widow Ward, OR's Widow / Widow Ward) or Dependent from the options given below.
  2. Depending on the category chosen, the AWPO Registration Form, relevant to the category chosen would be displayed.
  3. Fill up the fields in the AWPO Registration Form. Filling up of mandatory fields (displayed with an *) is essential.
  4. After you have filled up the AWPO Registration Form, you have the option to also submit your resume. Having One Resume, apart from AWPO Registration Form, on the site is mandatory for Officers, but this is an optional facility for JCOs/ORs/Widows. All candidates have an option to upload their picture (Photograph) in JPG or GIF format and the ideal width & height must be 3.5 X 5 inches (Postcard Size) in 72 dpi. along with their Resume.
Please click one of the following Categories that you would like to register under for opening the relevant AWPO Registration Form - Step 2 -Payment
  1. All candidates less Widow / Widow Ward registering with AWPO are required to pay the following registration fees-
    Officers : Rs. 750/-
    JCO's : Rs. 500/-
    OR : Rs. 300/-
  2. Registration of Widows and their Ward with AWPO is Free of cost.
  3. Registration of Dependent with AWPO is Free of cost (for only those dependents whose father /mother are already registered with AWPO) otherwise Rs 300/-.
If you are already registered with AWPO & your payment is not complete, please click here to make payment->
Make Payment

After you Make Payment you will get your AWPO Registration Number and Receipt. Pleas note this number and use it for the next step.

Step 3- Creating an User ID
  1. For successful authentication, You are required to fill up a single page form in which you can create your User-ID and Password.
  2. Through that User-id and Password you can login to the site and submit your resume, photos & verification proofs.
If your payment is completed, you can create your User-id & Password by clicking Here->
Create User ID

Step 4- Authentication
  1. Authentication of data is done by team AWPO who verifies you before you can login into the site for further exclusive processes for members.
  2. This process may take approximately 2 days. In this, team AWPO verifies your details and authenticates you for further processes.
  3. If after 2 days you are unable to login you may contact AWPO HQ for further clarification and verification.